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2018 -04 -30 [Back]
MGTO welcomes Labor Day holidays with preparatory measures

"Macao Food Guide for the 1st May Vacation"

Various activities are rolled out during the Labor Day holidays to add new choices of leisure and entertainment

Various activities are rolled out during the Labor Day holidays to add new choices of leisure and entertainment
To gear up for the 1st May Labor Day holidays (29th April – 1st May) of Mainland China, Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) prepared actively by carrying out a range of measures as follows: more rigorous inspections, allocation of personnel at various locations to handle enquiries and help divert the flow of visitors, sending letters of reminders to industry operators, food guide publication and supporting entities to organize festive and holiday activities, among others. The above measures aim to meet the needs of local residents and visitors and continuously optimize the tourism environment and service quality in the industry.
Room rates of different room categories declared by local hotels and guest houses are publicized on MGTO’s website on a regular basis. Via its WeChat ID, the Office also advises visitors to arrange their accommodation and itinerary in advance prior to their trip.

During the Labor Day holidays, MGTO carries out more rigorous inspections at various tourist spots, ports of entry and districts in Macao. Besides, the Office takes concerted action with police authorities to combat illegal accommodation. MGTO’s inspectors stand by round-the-clock to provide assistance, while more manpower is stationed at MGTO’s Tourist Information counters based on actual demand. MGTO's tourism hotline (853) 2833 3000 maintains its 24-hour operator service as usual to answer visitors’ enquiries. Visitors can also obtain more tourism-related information on MGTO’s website.

An array of reminders and suggestions for diverting flow of visitors
In order to safeguard visitor rights and ensure tourism quality, MGTO has sent letters to industry operators to raise their awareness about hygiene, fire safety, guest capacity, opening hours, occupational guideline on tour group operation, requirement for hotels and catering establishments to declare price lists as well as for hotels to keep records of hotel guest information upon check-in, hotel swimming-pool management guideline and so forth. Besides, the Office has advised tour guides to harness the time-restricted pedestrian zone which surrounds the Ruins of St. Paul’s to prevent visitors from crowding sidewalks. Travel agencies have been asked to urge tour bus drivers to follow traffic rules strictly. Furthermore, MGTO has sent letters suggesting travel agency associations to advise tour operators to coordinate their itinerary arrangements for tour groups to visit major attractions. Via mobile text, the Office advises visitors to visit popular attractions during off-peak hours, hence lessening their impact on traffic conditions and neighborhoods near tourist sites. In addition to the above, personnel are allocated at ten tourist points to offer tourism information and guidance to visitors and assist in diverting the flow of visitors off the beaten path from 28th April to 6th May.

MGTO maintains regular communication and exchange of information with the Consumer Council, Public Security Police Force, Macao Customs Service, Marine and Water Bureau, Transport Bureau and so forth. MGTO's website http://www.macaotourism.gov.mo offers a direct link to the Public Security Police Force’s "Real-Time Information Platform of Border Ports", which visitors can access on mobile phone or computer to check real-time border-crossing images at the arrival/departure halls and traffic lanes of Barrier Gate, Outer Harbour, Taipa Ferry Terminal and Cotai Frontier Post, hence choosing a suitable timing to leave or enter Macao.

Handy information for an enjoyable trip
Residents and visitors can conveniently view monthly highlights including local events and festivals, performances, exhibitions, activities as well as the newest attractions in town on MGTO’s mobile app "What's On, Macao". They can also download the mobile apps "Experience Macao" and "Step out, Macao", or follow MGTO’s WeChat ID “MGTOweixin”, to acquire more local tourism information. On the other hand, visitors can obtain the promotional pamphlet “Enjoy Macao” at MGTO’s Tourist Information counters and service counters.

MGTO once again partners with the General Union of Neighbors Association of Macau, the United Association of Food and Beverage Merchants of Macao, the Industry and Commerce Association of Macau Northern District, the Industry and Commerce Federation of Macau Central and Southern District as well as the Industry and Commerce Federation of Islands of Macao to publish the "Macao Food Guide for the 1st May Vacation" (Chinese version only). Offering a contact list of restaurants and eateries open during the Labor Day holidays, the handy food guide familiarizes locals and visitors with relevant restaurants’ operation information. For local dining, visitors can also find award-winning restaurants and eateries listed in the publication “Star Merchant Award – Restaurants and Eateries Guide”.

The “Star Merchant Award – Restaurants and Eateries Guide” and the "Step Out, Experience Macao's Communities" brochure can be downloaded from MGTO's website: http://www.macaotourism.gov.mo or be acquired at MGTO's Tourist Information counters. The "Macao Food Guide for the 1st May Vacation" is distributed during the Labor Day holidays; it is also available for view on MGTO’s WeChat ID or download from MGTO’s website.

MGTO supports local associations in organizing festive and holiday activities in Macao, including the Light Night Market at Macau Fisherman’s Wharf every Friday and weekend from today until 13th May, and the activity named Golden Week “A Trip to Macau” at the Taipa Houses from 28th April to 1st May, adding lively vibes and new choices of leisure and entertainment during the Labor Day holidays.
Updated on: 30/04/2018