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Public tender for execution of the services of fireworks display "Experience Macau Celebration!" for the celebration of 10th Anniversary of the Macau Handover to Mainland - 2009-08-05 00:00:00

The Macau Special Administrative Region, through the Macau Government Tourist Office, announce in accordance to the approval of the Chief Executive of 23 of July 2009, the opening of public tender for adjudication of the service of Fireworks Display "Experience Macau Celebration!" for the Celebration of 10th Anniversary of Macau Handover to Mainland.

The procedure of the tender including the Terms of Tender, General Conditions of the Bid and supplementary documents is available at Macau Government Tourist Office, situated in Alameda Dr. Carlos d'Assumpção, n.º s 335-341, 12th floor, "Hotline" building, Macau, location for the tender process. 
The information regarding the procedure of the Tender can be obtained on the normal working hours until the deadline of the submission of the proposals, with a payment of MOP200.00 (two hundred patacas), from the date of publication of the present notice until the date and time of the process of the Public Tender.
The bidders can also download the documents for the process of the tender on the website of Macau Government Tourist Office(www.macautourism.gov.mo).

Criterias for proposal evaluation:

Phase I 

Price 30%
Experience on similar performances 30%
Greater guarantee on safety and efficiency on services provided 20%
Creativity 20%

Phase II

Only the first 3 bidders with higher classification on Phase I will pass to the 2nd phase. The bidders passed to this phase, will have to conduct a full presentation in Macau Special Administrative Region regarding the proposed fireworks display and the best proposal will then be nominated based on the following criteria:

Entertainment value 15%
Number/Type of fireworks 15%
Overall plan 15%
Effects 15%
Other suggestions (additional launching locations) 10%
Dispersion coverage 15%
Creativity 15%

Provisional guarantee fee: MOP100,000.00 (one hundred thousand patacas), to be paid by bank guarantee or cash deposit directly to Macau Government Tourist Office, or to Banco Nacional Ultramarino of Macau account number: 「8003911119」 of Fundo de Turismo, or by Wire Transfer to account number: 「8003911119」 of Fundo de Turismo on Banco Nacional Ultramarino of Macau.

Definite guarantee: 4% of the total price of the service

Location, time and date for the submission of tenders: Macau Govenment Tourist Office, situated in Macau, Alameda Dr. Carlos d' Assumpção, n.º s 335-341, "Hotline" Building, 12th floor, until 17:00 on 4 of September 2009, the tenders should be made in one of the official languages of Macau SAR or in english.

Location, time and date for opening of tender: Auditorium of Macau Govenment Tourist Office, situated in Macau, Alameda Dr. Carlos d' Assumpção, n.º s 335-341, "Hotline" Building, 14th floor, at 10:00 on 8 of September 2009

According to the article no.27 of Decree-Law no. 63/85/M, of 6 July, the bidders or their representatives should be present on the public action of the opening of tender to clarify any unclear issues in regards to the submitted documents of the tender.

Macau Government Tourist Office, on 30th of July 2009

Director, João Manuel Costa Antunes

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