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Travel Agency

This English translation is for reference only. Should there be any discrepancy between the English translation version and the original in Chinese, the latter shall prevail.
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    1. Application for opening travel agencies【AV Model 301】
    2. Technical director's curriculum vitae and letter of declaration【AV Model 302】
    3. Application for inspection of premises【AV Model 303】
    4. Application for renewal of travel agency license【AV Model 304】
    5. Application for change of address【AV Model 305】
    6. Application for change of name of travel agency【AV Model 306】
    7. Change of articles of incorporation of company that is the license holder of the travel agency【AV Model 307】
    8. Application for change of technical directors or increase in number of technical directors【AV Model 308】
    9. Application for establishment of a branch or a desk【AV Model 309】
    10. Suspension of business or closure of establishment【AV Model 310】
    11. Inbound tours【AV Model 311】
    12. Outbound tours【AV Model 312】
    Updated on: 15/03/2019