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Tourism Utility

This English translation is for reference only. Should there be any discrepancy between the English translation version and the original in Chinese, the latter shall prevail.
  • Application procedure


    Application procedure and documents required

    Application letter addressed to the Chief Executive, which should contain information about the applicant and details of the establishment applying for tourism utility.
    • If the application is made by a company, the relevant application letter must be signed by the company's lawful representative(s) according to the signature on the identity document(s). A copy of the representative(s)' identity document(s) (front and reverse side on the same page) as well as the company chop must be appended to the application.
    • If the application is made by an individual, he/she should sign the relevant application letter according to the signature on the identity document, with a copy of the identity document (front and reverse side on same page) attached.
    • If the applicant authorises others to make the application on his/her behalf, the original letter of authorisation with notarised signature(s), or a certified copy of such, must be submitted. Copy of the identity document(s) of the authorised person(s) must be enclosed (front and reverse side on same page).
    Details of the establishment must include (but not be limited to) the followings:
    2.1 Brief introduction of the features and facilities of the establishment;
    Past and coming five years financial data (For newly established enterprise, only the financial data of the coming five years is needed. For enterprise established less than 5 years, the financial data from newly established till now and the coming five years is needed.).
    • Total revenue structure (including incomes from hotel(s), restaurant(s), shopping malls, gaming (if any) and others;
    • Details on the average room rates, occupancy rates, investment amount, operating conditions (including gaming, if any) and others;
    • Proportion of the target market customers;
    • Number of customers visitation (please list out the percentage by hotels, restaurants, retails and others).
    Restaurant menu(s) and alcoholic beverage menu(s) offering either Portuguese and/or Macanese traditional cuisine:
    • For menu(s), it must have 40% of either Portuguese and/or Macanese traditional cuisine, including appetizer/salad, soup, fish/seafood, meat, pasta/rice and dessert;
    • For the alcoholic beverage menu(s), it must include 15% of sparkling wine, white wine, red wine, rosé wine and dessert wine produced in Portugal;
    • The menu(s) and alcoholic beverage menu(s) must have the name of the restaurant and the price list.
    Remarks: Applicant must submit all menus and alcoholic beverage menus that are in-use at the relevant restaurant for client’s selection.
    If the application is made by a company, an original certificate of company registration issued by the Conservatory of Commercial and Movable Property within the past three months must be submitted.
    4. Original identity document of the person submitting the application must be produced.

    NB: After the relevant application is approved, it will be published in the Official Bulletin of the Macao Special Administrative Region and take effect on the day of publication.

    Factors of approval

    1. Location and type of the establishment;
    2. Evaluated or assessed type and classification of the facilities and service;
    3. Financial feasibility of the establishment;
    4. Benefits brought by the establishment to the local tourism infrastructure;
    5. Contribution to local development;
    6. Technical and financial capability of the operator; and
    7. Any other factors benefiting local tourism.
    Updated on: 23/07/2018