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Travel Agency

This English translation is for reference only. Should there be any discrepancy between the English translation version and the original in Chinese, the latter shall prevail.
  • Eligibility

    Type of business:
    Establishment of company in Macao to solely operate travel agency affairs.
    2. Amount of capital:
    Minimum amount of capital of company to be MOP 1.5 million and is paid in full.
    The company has to guarantee that it undertakes the responsibility for its business affairs in the interests of customers.
    (Bank guarantee: MOP 500,000 and Professional Liability Insurance - Insured amount must not be less than MOP 700,000)
    The activity of travel agencies shall be exercised in an immovable intended for commerce, service, offices or independent profession. In addition, travel agencies must exercise their activity in autonomous premises, with independent access, and which are exclusively for such exercise. The premises shall have:
    - A minimum gross area of 40 square meters;
    - An area for serving clients;
    - Equipment appropriate to the exercise of their activities.

    Technical director:
    The agency should have at least one technical director. Only persons who comply with the following requirements can be admitted as technical directors of agencies:
    - Residence in Macao;
    - Written and spoken knowledge of two languages, one of which should be Chinese or Portuguese.

    Professional training course offered by Macao SAR higher education institution specializing in tourism, or recognized by such institute; no less than 3 years professional experience in the tourism industry.




    (Attention: In addition to travel agencies’ operation and general industry knowledge, the technical director should also be familiar with the regulations that relate the activity of travel agencies.)