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Travel Agency

This English translation is for reference only. Should there be any discrepancy between the English translation version and the original in Chinese, the latter shall prevail.
  • Establishment of desk


    According to item 1c of Article 21 of Decree Law no. 48/98/M dated 3rd November, amended by Administrative Regulation no. 42/2004, before it can set up a desk, it must first be approved by MGTO in advance.

    Documents needed for application

    1. Completed application form for establishment of a branch or a desk【AV Model 309】 (forms can be downloaded from MGTO Industry Net or available from MGTO/MGSC/MGSC-I).
    • The application form must be signed by the lawful representative(s) of the company that is the license holder of the travel agency according to the signature(s) on the identity document(s), with a copy of the representative(s)' identity document(s) (front and reverse side on the same page) attached.
    • If the company that is the license holder of the travel agency authorises others to make the application on its behalf, the original letter of authorisation with notarised signature(s), or a certified copy of such, must be submitted. Copy of the identity document(s) of the authorised person(s) must be enclosed (front and reverse side on same page).
    2. Location plan of the desk;
    Updated on: 29/07/2019