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Saunas, Massage Parlours, Health Clubs & Karaoke Lounges

This English translation is for reference only. Should there be any discrepancy between the English translation version and the original in Chinese, the latter shall prevail.
  • Change of facilities


    Application procedure and documents required

    Completed application form【Model C】 (forms can be downloaded from MGTO Industry Net or available from MGTO/MGSC/MGSC-I);
    • If the license owner of the establishment is a company, the relevant application form must be signed by the company's lawful representative(s) according to the signature(s) on the identity document(s). A copy of the representative(s)' identity document(s) (front and reverse side on the same page) as well as the company chop must be appended to the application.
    • If the license owner of the establishment is an individual, he/she should sign the relevant application form according to the signature on the identity document, with a copy of the identity document (front and reverse side on same page) attached.
    • If the license owner of the establishment authorises others to make the application on his/her behalf, the original letter of authorisation with notarised signature(s), or a certified copy of such, must be submitted. Copy of the identity document(s) of the authorised person(s) must be enclosed (front and reverse side on same page).
    One original and four copies of the following documents must be submitted:
    • Floor plan, elevation and reinforcement plan in a scale of 1:100 clearly stating alterations to be made;
    • Memorandum of description and illustration of alterations, including parts differing from those stated in approved plans;
    • Declaration of simplifying procedure##【G Model 701】 (forms can be downloaded from MGTO Industry Net or available from MGTO/MGSC/MGSC-I);
    • A copy of receipt and M6 form with its index issued by DSSOPT.
      (1) ##If applicant chooses a general application procedure instead, one original with six copies for documents listed under point 2 and a declaration【G Model 702】 should be submitted to MGTO on this purpose. Forms can be downloaded from MGTO Industry Net or available from MGTO/MGSC/ MGSC-I.
      (2) Design plans of all establishments must be drawn up by architects, civil engineers or technicians, in the field of electronic engineering or mechanical engineering, fire-fighting engineering companies, building contractors or construction companies, all registered with the Lands, Public Works and Transport Department (DSSOPT). All plans require signatures of applicants and relevant technicians.
      (3) If the establishment is located on a classified immovable property (i.e. "monuments", "buildings of architectural interest", "building complex" or "sites"), a "to-be-classified immovable property" or in a buffer zone and a temporary buffer zone as defined by Law No. 11/2013 on "Cultural Heritage Protection Act", an additional copy shall be submitted to the Macao Government Tourism Office for the purpose of seeking opinion from the Cultural Affairs Bureau.
    Original identity document of person submitting documents must be shown.

    Please note: Applicants should apply for inspection of facilities within six months upon notice from MGTO regarding approval of application.
    Application form for inspection of facilities【LA Model 201】 can be downloaded here.

    To be submitted upon application for inspection of facilities

    1. Construction license;
    2. N1- Notification of construction completion and a copy receipt; or a copy of project legalizing approval letter and a copy of tax payment receipt.
    Updated on: 10/03/2020