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 People and Love of Macau Print

2013 -10 -17 [Back]
Staffs dedicated to help build a successful Macau Grand Prix

Since its inaugural edition on 30 – 31 October, 1954, Macau Grand Prix has developed into an annual sport event which ranks among international top car races. Celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, Macau Grand Prix enjoys prestige worldwide. It attracts not only car racers from around the world to compete in the game but also spectators from different countries and regions to enjoy the thrilling moments on Guia Circuit. Behind the race, it takes indescribable passion and painstaking efforts of the staff team through days and nights to present the most perfect and classic race to the world.

Like Monte Carlo in Monaco, Macau boasts its challenging car race around a narrow street circuit filled with turnings. Guia Circuit is qualified to host both touring car and motorcycle races, which is rare in the world. Macau Grand Prix is proudly recognized as the best street car race in the world with similar awards.

Macau Grand Prix welcomes its 60th anniversary this year. Joining the staff team of Macau Grand Prix for many years, Che Tai Koc and Che Tai Man are proud of being part of the event. Working in gaming business and governmental entity respectively, the two brothers started contributing their efforts to the Grand Prix since its 30th edition. Back in the old days, they were both young and joined the staff team just for fun and earnings. Today, their passion still keeps growing for the event. After all the years, they have both become a station leader on the circuit with rich experience.

The two expressed that working as circuit staff requires one to have passion for Macau Grand Prix and the duties involved. As they used to live near the race circuit, the brothers grew up watching the Grand Prix. In the beginning, they were assigned to check tickets for audience at the Reservoir Stand entrance. It was since the third year that they took up the stationing post on the circuit. In retrospect, no systematic training was given to circuit staff while job duties were allocated on spot. 30 years have passed. They have now become station leaders on the race circuit. The job has enriched their life with both memorable experience and great friendships.

Talking about breathtaking moments, Che Tai Man shared about his encounter when he was stationed at Mandarin Oriental Bend, one of the challenging bends on Guia Circuit. He was standing near the safety fence on the day when he noticed a car racing unusually fast in strange direction. It ended up losing control and crashed the fence. The whole car was thrown into the air all of a sudden. Looking back, Che still shuddered at the thought of the car crash. "The car bounced toward me just before my eyes. Fortunately I managed to respond and lie down immediately with only my head slightly wounded by the vehicle's ties," he said. Che and other injured staff members were sent to hospital and were discharged after treatment. They even came back to resume their duties at circuit stations right away, showing how much Macau Grand Prix meant to them. 

Despite the increasing demand for safety standards and installment of higher-quality safety fences by Macau Grand Prix Committee, the Che brothers earnestly advised new staff during training to stay alert at any time throughout the race in case of any unexpected accident.

Talking about their anticipations for the upcoming 60th Macau Grand Prix, they praised the young new staff for being so hard working and passionate for car racing. During training, the Che brothers aim to develop team spirit, discipline and endurance among the young staff. As the Grand Prix has become a signature event in Macau, they hope to train more locals to work as station leaders by sharing their experience in the past decades. They anticipate that Macau Grand Prix will not only become an event facilitated by an entirely local staff team but also boost the city's economy and international reputation.

As a Macau citizen, the Che brothers hope that the event will receive more support from local citizens and continue its legacy. Despite their small role in the team, they are eager to dedicate a greater effort to making Macau Grand Prix a prominent event which impresses both citizens and visitors. If visitors return home remembering Macau Grand Prix as a spectacular annual race in Macau, it will be the best encouragement for them and the whole staff team.

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