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2014 -10 -13 [Back]
Team Spirit behind the scenes - Track marshals ensure smooth races in Macau Grand Prix

Team spirit stands as the key motto in Macau Grand Prix. Different departments forge ahead with the same goal by concerted efforts to make the best race ever that leaves wonderful memories in people's heart!

Under the spotlight, motor racers gear up along the winding Guia Circuit for the champion title. Behind the gripping spectacle, motorsport marshals pour unreserved efforts in the event with a united spirit to ensure every race runs smoothly. 

Whenever multiple racing vehicles smash together on the circuit, a team of marshals would arrive in no time to clean up the obstacles for other racers to pass safely and to resume the race at the soonest possible. This professional team comprises not only track cleanup marshals in charge of driving wreckers but also a crew that cleans the debris and gasoline left on the road.

Leng Leung Ching has been working in Macau Grand Prix for the past two decades. Starting as a wrecker driver, he now leads the track marshals to remove broken vehicles in the swiftest manner after accidents take place. Being the team captain, he sits at the control tower throughout all races and pays attention to every breathtaking moment on TV screen. Upon an incident, he immediately directs the team stationing behind protective safety fencing to report the incident location and number of vehicles involved, so that he can assign corresponding actions to clear the track most promptly.

Achieving the best result out of the fewest resources is the biggest challenge at work. A single misjudgment, such as allocating too many wreckers or marshals to one spot, may lead to chaos and waste of time. Instead, assigning adequate manpower to handle a situation guarantees the fastest speed of track cleanup. While accidents dispirit motor racers, they may still likely return to the race track if marshals can promptly deliver their vehicles to the pit area for repairs. It is hence crucial to clear and resume the circuit quickly while bringing the damaged vehicles to the pit area right away.

As a chief flag marshal who coordinates flag signaling at corner stations and pit stops, Pang Ting Hung has been working for the Grand Prix before Macau's handover to China. He emphasized that every split second makes a difference in motor races, and marshals have to compete against time to clear the racetrack less any obstacle should slow down the race. Besides, their work needs be done meticulously. Even the tiniest fragment may create damage to vehicles racing in full speed. All in all, everyone in the team must do their best to ensure races proceed safely and efficiently.

During Macau Grand Prix each year, track marshals are always the first team to arrive each morning as early as 3 a.m. From dawn till dusk, everyone works busily the whole time during the races throughout the four-day event, regardless of the blazing sun or biting wind.

Despite so, both of them share a strong passion for Macau Grand Prix. "Exciting new things happen in each race," Leng said. "You have to work hard with a novice's ardor and strive for a better race each year." Likewise, Pang enjoys the team work involved. "Even though the process is tough, you would not hesitate to volunteer for work and partner with other marshals every year because of your love for the Grand Prix." Like the two, many are so passionate to devote their personal time to this grand annual event, hoping to present the most head-turning races for local and visiting spectators.

Over 800 marshals attended training sessions for Macau Grand Prix this year including young newcomers to familiarize themselves with the tasks and carry on the team spirit. The Grand Prix marshals take up miscellaneous duties such as stationing at observer posts, flag signaling, communications and track cleanup. Other tasks include supply allocation. In essence, every step and procedure is intricate and vital to the race just like any marshal in the team. Together they show the incredible team spirit of the Grand Prix and people of Macau!

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