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Travel Agency Sector

All licenced* Travel Agency Headquarters/ Branches in Macao
*Merchants that operate its business in Macao for at least one year

Criteria for Assessment
The “Quality Tourism Services Accreditation Scheme” adopts a holistic approach to evaluate the overall service quality of the participating merchants.  The assessment consists of two parts, namely “Mystery Shopping Assessment” and “Service Management System Audit”, whereas the frontline service standard and management system will be assessed respectively. 

The Travel Agency Sector of "Quality Tourism Services Accreditation Scheme“ awards “Quality Tourism Services Merchant Award”, “Quality Tourism Services Gold Award“ and ”Quality Tourism Services Excellence Award“. Each and every participating merchant who successfully passes the assessment will receive the “Quality Tourism Services Merchant Award”, to be displayed at the agency. To compliment travel agencies providing quality inbound and outbound services within and outside Macau, “Quality Tourism Services Gold Award - Inbound Service” and “Quality Tourism Services Gold Award - Outbound Service” are added, the “Quality Tourism Services Gold Award” winner with the highest total score and meets the prescribed standard in the respective area will receive a Trophy and a cash prize of MOP10,000 as a token of appreciation. ”Quality Tourism Services Excellence Award” recognizes the merchants who have received the “Quality Tourism Services Gold Award” for every three consecutive years, a trophy and a cash prize of MOP20,000 as a token of appreciation. (* the assessment and award of “Quality Tourism Services Gold Award” and "Quality Tourism Services Excellence Award" of Travel Agency Sector will be suspended in 2023)

The Scheme speaks for an authoritative recognition of excellent tourism service quality in Macao. Having received this prestigious accreditation, the industry players are not only able to prove that their quality service gives a pleasant experience to their customers, but also the opportunity to market their achievements with commitment to quality and hence building brand confidence and stakeholder trust.

Application (Application is free of charge)
Application Date: 16-31/03/2023
Online application: https://ep.macaotourism.gov.mo/qtsas-ta-application

Macao Government Tourism Office – Secretariat of QTSAS
Address: Alameda Dr. Carlos d'Assumpção, n.os 335-341, Edificio "Hot Line", 5th floor,Room 502, Macao
Tel: 8397 1522 / 8397 1225
Email: qtsas@macaotourism.gov.mo



Service Star Award: Awarded Merchants of Outbound Service and Inbound Service




*The "Service Star Award" has been renamed as " Quality Tourism Services Gold Award" from 2023.




Updated on: 17/03/2023