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Training Course Registration and Participant Guideline

  1. Objective
      The Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) organizes training courses (including various types of courses, seminars and workshops) for the tourism industry to encourage and assist the industry in training, enhance their knowledge and awareness, as well as to elevate the overall quality of tourism services.
  2. Target Audience
      The target audience is employees of local tourism industry (travel agency, hotel, retail, food & beverage industry employees, chefs and tour guides who are currently in the workforce) and merchants under the "Quality Tourism Services Accreditation Scheme".
  3. Registration Method
    1. Registration is done solely online, if necessary, registrants may visit MGTO (Address: Alameda Dr. Carlos d'Assumpção, n.os 335-341, Edifício "Hot Line", 18/F, Room 1821, Macao) to be assisted by MGTO’s staff to register online.
    2. Log into Macao Industry Net website (http://industry.macaotourism.gov.mo) to complete the “Online Registration System”.
    3. A confirmation email will be issued from the system once registration is successfully completed.
  4. Submission of Information
    1. Required information includes name in Chinese and foreign language, contact phone number, email, company and position, indicate the type of documents (Macao Resident Identity Card or Non-resident Worker's Identification Card) and indicate whether the registrant hold a valid tour guide license.
    2. Documents are required in accordance to the specifications of certificating entity that conducts the international certification course. For courses with specific prerequisites, supporting documents must be provided to prove qualifications. Lack of relevant documents will result in failure to enroll in the course.
    3. Should the information provided is found to be false or fraudulent, registration will not be accepted to training courses organized by MGTO for 12 consecutive months from the date of discovery.
  5. Admission Criteria
    1. Macao residents currently serving in related industry has priority in training courses without specific prerequisites.
    2. Acceptance list and non-acceptance list will be published via e-mail 5 working days after registration deadline. Successful applicants will also receive SMS notifications.
  6. Change of course
    1. MGTO reserves the right to cancel the course if enrolment is insufficient or necessary and make any alterations to the course that is considered to be necessary without prior notification.
  7. Certificate
    1. Course and Workshop
      1. Under normal circumstances, participants with attendance rate* of at least 80% and have passed the assessment (if any) will receive attendance certificate issued by MGTO.
        *Attendance rate = (hours of attendance/total course hours) x 100%
    2. International Certification Course
      1. Participants with attendance rate that meet the requirements set forth by the certificating entity and pass assessment will receive certificate issued by the certificating entity.
    3. Training entity will inform participants to pick up the certificate at its premises. If the certificate has not been collected one month after notification, participants will be notified to pick up at MGTO (address: above) via SMS and e-mail.
    4. Different course and workshop may have different attendance rate requirement, details will be specified in course outline.
    5. Certificate will be issued once and would not be replaced if lost.
  8. Withdraw from training course
    1. Participants who withdraw from training courses after being accepted should provide written explanation at least 5 working days prior to course commencement in person, via fax and email (address: above; fax: 28723780 and e-mail: training@macaotourism.gov.mo).
    2. Failure to provide written explanation, registration will not be accepted to training courses organized by MGTO for 12 consecutive months from the date of absence.
    3. Failure to meet the attendance requirement or absence from the assessment (if any), registration will not be accepted to training courses organized by MGTO for 12 consecutive months from the course start date.
    4. Should absence to a training course is due to force majeure causes (such as illness, etc.) is not notified in advance, a written explanation must be submitted within 10 working days after the commencement of the course to be exempted from the situation referred to in point 8.2.
    5. No replacement of participants will be accepted, the withdrawal quota will be filled by the next eligible candidate in line.
  9. Postponement Arrangement
    1. In case of severe weather, it will generally be handled in accordance to the guidelines issued by the Education and Youth Development Bureau. Should the training course be postponed due to force majeure causes or other reasons, MGTO will notify the participants by e-mail and SMS after consultation with the training entity.
    2. Absence from the course due to the situation mentioned in point 9.1 will not lead to the situation referred to in point 8.2.
  10. Personal Information Collection Statement
    1. Registrant is aware that personal information provided will be kept for three years and will be used in registration procedures, receipt of course information, statistical purpose and database usage.
    2. Registrant is aware that personal information provided may be released to government or non-government entities when necessary for training course attendance and identification purpose.
    3. In pursuance of fulfilling service evaluation survey, participants of training course are aware that personal information provided would be transferred to relevant research institutions.
    4. Participants of training course are aware that training entity will take photos or videos for record that may be published on website, promotional material, publication, exhibit, annual report and for statistical or research purpose.
  11. Other
    1. The Macao Government Tourism Office reserves the right of final interpretation of any content in this guideline.
Updated on: 11/03/2021