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2019 -12 -13 [Back]
MGTO delivers findings of “Media Effectiveness Evaluation Study of Art Macao”

Completed by Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO), the “Media Effectiveness Evaluation Study of ‘Art Macao’” revealed an excellent level of satisfaction and public awareness towards the event of Art Macao along with over 22.71 million times of relevant interactions on social media. The findings reflect that the event had become a hot topic and focus of attention among media and netizens.


Jointly organized by several government entities under the tutelage of the Secretariat for Social Affairs and Culture and in collaboration with six major tourism resorts, a hotel enterprise as well as five foreign consulates in Macao and Hong Kong, the mega cultural and artistic event Art Macao has ushered in a range of brand-new urban experiences and charted an innovative direction for cultural and tourism development. MGTO commissioned a research institution to carry out an overall assessment of Art Macao. By examining the appraisal and volume of exposure on traditional media, social media and travel websites around the world, the study analyzed the level of awareness and satisfaction towards Art Macao overall, in turn evaluating its impact. The report has been provided to pertinent government entities for reference.


Research method
The study analyzed various activities under the umbrella of Art Macao, probing into the volume of exposure and appraisal on traditional media, social media and travel websites around the globe by measuring different variables including the volume of news articles covering these activities and relevant interactions on social media, to access the impact of the highlight activities and overall effectiveness of Art Macao.

Summary of study findings
The event was covered/featured by a total of 66,344 articles, of which the largest proportion came from social media with 56,500 articles (85.2%), followed by traditional media (print media and online media) coverage with 9,753 articles (14.7%). It is worth noting that there were 22.71 million times of interactions about the event on social media, revealing that the event had become a hot topic and focus of attention among media and netizens. The distribution of media coverage suggests that social media played a major platform for public opinion about the event.

Total volume of media coverage

(number of articles)

Volume of interactions on social media

Level of awareness

 (0-100 marks)

Level of satisfaction

(0-100 marks)


22.71 million 79.0


The total volume of media coverage refers to the number of news articles which contain relevant keywords on traditional media, social media and travel websites, measured during the monitoring period. Irrelevant articles were excluded from the total count.


Summary of the report (Chinese)


Summary of the report (English)


Updated on: 13/12/2019