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2020 -07 -22 [Back]
Application processing will resume for “Helicopter Ride Experience” Local Tour from 3 p.m. tomorrow

Starting from 3 p.m. tomorrow (23 July), the 150 travel agencies under the umbrella of “Macao Ready Go! Local Tours” will resume processing of applications for the local tour entitled “Helicopter Ride Experience”. Interested residents can apply for the pertinent tour between Thursday afternoon and Sunday (23 – 26 July). After applications are collected, electronic lots will be cast next Monday (27 July) and all applicants will enter the lots. In accord with the order of the lots’ results, applicants will be assigned their respective order of priority to sign up for the tour and choose the date of participation. Each applicant who is assigned a sequence number by the lots will be eligible for two quotas for joining the above tour. As only 700 quotas are currently available for the local tour “Helicopter Ride Experience”, applicants who are assigned their sequence numbers by the lots but are unable to join the tour within the quotas will be put on the waiting list for tour participation if there are quotas left. If conditions allow a later addition of quotas upon the existing 700 quotas, applicants will be subsequently given the chance to join the tour by the order of the lots’ result. If applicants who are assigned their order of priority by the lots give up joining the tour, they will not be included in the waiting list again.

Updated on: 22/07/2020