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2020 -07 -24 [Back]
One travel agency penalized for irregular operation on application system for “Macao Ready Go! Local Tours”

The application system for “Macao Ready Go! Local Tours” was overloaded days ago, leading to its temporary malfunction and suspension of application processing for the tour “Helicopter Ride Experience”.


After an investigation, the task force discovered that a local travel agency logged into the application system via plug-in and produced an excessive number of enquiries within a very short period of time on that day, causing the overload and malfunction of the system. Such act seriously jeopardized proper functioning of the system and violated the principle of fair competition among businesses.


Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) issued a severe warning and penalty to the involved travel agency which is thereby banned from processing any applications for 14 days. Upon a repeated offence, the Office may terminate the agency’s eligibility for participation in the project “Macao Ready Go! Local Tours”.


MGTO reminds all travel agencies under the umbrella of the project “Macao Ready Go! Local Tours” to abide with the rules of operation and ensure the project is operated fairly.

Updated on: 24/07/2020