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2020 -08 -13 [Back]
MGTO promotes “Macao Ready Go!” and “Greater Bay Area Mega Rewards Festival” with Alipay

Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO), in tandem with the Macao Economic Bureau (DSE), supports digital platform Alipay to organize the “Greater Bay Area Mega Rewards Festival”, promoting Macao retail brands and shops with special characteristics within Guangdong province through multiple online and offline discount and promotional activities. The festival aims to attract Guangdong tourists to travel to Macao and shop, and to lead to resumption of tourism activities in Macao.


With the support of MGTO and DSE, Alipay kicked off the “Greater Bay Area Mega Rewards Festival” on 10 August. Over 20,000 participating stores in Macao equipped with Alipay have launched a variety of discounts and promotions, going in line with the “Macao Ready Go!” online platform rolled out by MGTO. Concurrently, MGTO is promoting the “Greater Bay Area Mega Rewards Festival” through multiple online channels, while Alipay is featuring various retail brands and shops of Macao within Guangdong, hoping to attract more Guangdong visitors to shop and spend in Macao.


MGTO Director Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes expressed that Macao is ready and prepared to welcome Mainland visitors. The city’s rich and diverse tourism experiences are sure to bring about unforgettable memories to our visitors.


The Alipay “Greater Bay Area Mega Rewards Festival” is being held from 10 August to 31 October. Alipay users from the Mainland, Hong Kong and Macao can enjoy discounts and enroll in lucky draw events through more than 20,000 participating stores with Alipay located in Macao, which covers different industries including cosmetics, catering, supermarkets and chain stores. A number of these participating stores provide further promotional offers to boost visitor expenditure. With the gradual reinstatement of the issuing of travel permits from Mainland China to Macao, more Mainland travelers are expected to be able to enjoy the various offers by this rewards festival, which in turn will stimulate more visitors coming to Macao for travel and shopping.

Updated on: 13/08/2020