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2021 -10 -19 [Back]
MGTO is dedicated to destination promotion as pandemic situation stabilizes in Macao Welcoming visitors to experience Macao’s glamour
Macao Grand Prix Museum will reopen tomorrow (20 October)

As the pandemic situation in Macao moves towards stability, in parallel with the latest adjustment to the pandemic control and prevention measures implemented at the ports of entry between Zhuhai and Macao, Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) dedicates strong efforts to promote the destination, including leveraging various social media such as WeChat, Weibo, Xiaohongshu and Douyin, and through the endeavors of Macao’s KOLs on their platforms, to spotlight Macao as a safe and quality destination among Mainland residents and welcome visitors to experience the city. The Macao Grand Prix Museum will also reopen tomorrow (20 October). 


Dedication to destination promotion 
MAK MAK warmly welcomes visitors 
Effective from 12:00 noon on 19 October 2021, individuals intending to leave Macao via the ports of entry between Zhuhai and Macao are required to present valid proof of their negative result of a COVID-19 nucleic acid test issued within 48 hours. MGTO has released a short video via its official accounts on social networks to publicize the current situation about border crossing in Macao as well as the latest travel information, while Macao’s KOLs join in the marketing endeavors to widen the publicity of Macao as a travel destination from diverse angles on Douyin and Xiaohongshu. 


Macao Tourism Mascot MAK MAK showed up at the Border Gate in Macao today (19 October) to welcome visitors upon their arrival. Staffers distribute Macao travel brochures to visitors at MGTO’s Tourist Information counter at the Border Gate, where props with welcome message are held to express warm hospitality to visitors. 


Through the series of short videos themed as “Fall in Love with Macao 100 ways”, MGTO spotlights entertainment and travel tips such as the dining and leisure travel experiences Macao has to offer, to draw young visitors with great spending capacity to explore the glamour of Macao. 


Macao Grand Prix Museum will reopen
Under MGTO’s management, the Macao Grand Prix Museum and the Ritz Building including the Tourist Information counter within, will reopen to the public from 20 October onwards. 


In compliance with the pandemic prevention guideline, the visitation limit of the Macao Grand Prix Museum will remain at the adjusted maximum of around 1,100 visitors per day (closed on Tuesdays), while free guided service and group visit application will resume. For enquires about the Museum, please dial +853 8593 0515/8593 0516.

The Ritz Building will resume service for the public on the same day including exhibition venue reservation and reopening the following facilities: Tourist Information counter, exhibition hall and Internet service area (individual use) on the ground floor, as well as the nursing room on the 1st floor. 


MGTO will keep rigorously carrying out the anti-pandemic measures imposed by Health Bureau and conducting scrupulous cleaning of the facilities.  

Updated on: 19/10/2021