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2001 -08 -30 [Back]
Macao Government Tourist Office’s Response to Dengue Fever (Translation)

Macau is a famous tourist destination. There are about 25,000 visitors entering Macau each day. Macau SAR government spares no effort to provide a clean and comfortable tourism environment for the visitors to ensure them with a pleasant and safe journey. Macao Government Tourist Office is very concern with the Dengue Fever cases in Macao.

This is the first time that Dengue fever was found in Macau though Dengue fever cases has been reported in Southeast Asian countries. Macao Health Services suspect that the disease might be brought in from Southeast Asian as some of the 14 patients have traveled in Southeast Asia before coming down with the disease.

Macau Health Services stressed that the authorities were capable enough to control the disease. Dengue fever is transmitted by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes and the Macau Health Services has launched a massive mosquito extermination and health education campaign. Hospitals and outpatients are equipped for the treatment of the dengue fever patients and mosquito eradication will be carried out in pending construction sites, stagnant water where mosquitoes breed will be removed. More manpower will be added for the operation.

Dr. Lam Chung of the Macao Health Services indicated that Macao is a clean city. Not alike other South East Asian regions, the density of mosquitoes in Macao is low. Only to strengthen the mosquito extermination for abandoned construction sites and old buildings, the dengue fever will soon be completely stopped.

The Macao SAR Government believed that the highly concerned and immediate contingency measures of the Macao Health Authority will stop the dengue fever from spreading out, therefore, tourists do not have to worry too much.

Dengue fever is an infection transmitted by mosquitoes. Preventing outdoor activities will eliminate the chances of getting the disease. Tourists may follow some prevention indications in order to feel at ease while visiting. For instance, wearing long sleeves or putting on the mosquitoes repellent and living in air-conditioned accommodations. The Macao Government Tourist Office will keep close contact with the Health Authority and to monitor the condition of dengue fever cases in Macao.

From September to November this year, Macao has prepared a series of international art, culture, sports and entertainment events for tourists. At the same time, there will be a massive tourism privilege program in Macao. Tourists will then be able to enjoy their privileges and to consume as much as they like. All Macao residents are prepared to expand their arms to welcome tourists to visit Macao.