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2006 -12 -07 [Back]
"Taxi Ambassador" Scheme extended due to enthusiastic response

"Taxi Ambassadors" assist visitors at taxi stand

"Taxi Ambassadors" in new uniform
Jointly organized by Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO), General Union of Neighbors Association of Macau and Association of Traders and Operators of Commercial Vehicles, the "Taxi Ambassador" scheme has received enthusiastic response from the public and visitors since its launch in August and the organizers have decided to extend the program till next April.

First introduced as a two-month trial, the "Taxi Ambassador" scheme was launched on August 4 at the Macau Ferry Terminal to provide assistance to visitors using taxis in Macau.

A taxi driver expressed that the "Taxi Ambassadors" can help them communicate with foreign and Mainland visitors to avoid misunderstanding. He hoped that this service could be extended to the Border Gate and Macau International Airport.

A first time Mainland visitor Ms Cha commented that the service is very convenient and this hospitality gesture has left her a good impression of Macau.

Most of the "Taxi Ambassadors" are college students and as the youth of Macau, they hope that they can contribute to Macau's tourism industry. They agree that this program has given them opportunity to serve visitors from different places while gaining experience in communication.

Dressed in new uniform, the "Taxi Ambassadors" have also extended their service hours. From 9am to 10pm everyday, "Taxi Ambassadors" will assist visitors at the taxi station outside the Macau Ferry Terminal by helping non Chinese speaking visitors in communication with taxi drivers about taxi fares, destinations and writing down the number of the license plate on an information card with useful phone numbers. The "Taxi Ambassadors" are fluent in Cantonese and have good command of English and Putonghua.

Director of Macau Government Tourist Office, João Manuel Costa Autunes expressed that MGTO has been working closely with the local associations to enhance the service quality of the tourism industry. Taxi service is a crucial component of the tourism industry, and the cooperation with General Union of Neighbors Association of Macau and Association of Traders and Operators of Commercial Vehicles has achieved satisfactory results. He hopes to further strengthen cooperation with various community groups in the future to enhance hospitality and reinforce the image of Macau as a tourist destination.

Vice Chairman of Association of Traders and Operators of Commercial Vehicles, Leng Sai Hou said that the "Taxi Ambassadors" are mainly college students and the training courses provided by the association equip them with knowledge, technique and skills to assist visitors and handle disputes at the taxi station.