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2007 -12 -13 [Back]
Mega-group from Mainland China in town to experience the new Macau

A group of about 360 travel agencies' chiefs, tourism officials, media and academics from all over Mainland China embarked on a four-day visit from Wednesday to experience the new Macau.

The visit is an initiative of the Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) and China Travel Service (CTS). In accordance with MGTO's worldwide promotional campaign launched this year, the visit is titled "Experience Macau", and is intended to provide the group from Mainland China - the main visitor-generating market to Macau - first hand information about the city's new tourism infrastructures, the government's tourism development strategy, including its focus on business tourism, among others.

Coming from 66 major cities, located in the country's 31 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and special administrative region, the group includes representatives of travel agencies, tourism officials, media, as well as tourism scholars and economists.

During their stay in the city, the group will participate in a seminar about Macau's tourism development conducted by MGTO. The program of the visit includes touring The Historic Center of Macau, new tourism infrastructures and other highlights.

This is the third time that MGTO and CTS jointly organize a mega familiarization visit from the Mainland to Macau. The previous occasions took place in 2000 and 2003 and included representatives from 21 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities of the Mainland.

Among the total of 21.9 million visitors that Macau welcomed in the first ten months of this year, 54 per cent came from Mainland China. From January to October the total number of visitors saw an increase of 22.59 per cent, while visitors from Mainland China rose by 23.01 per cent, compared to the same period last year.