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1999 -08 -20 [Back]
Macau International Fireworks Display Contest

Organized by the Macau Government Tourist Office and sponsored by S.T.D.M., the Macau International Fireworks Display Contest, the largest of its kind in the world, will be held this year in September and October, 1999.

The first Fireworks Display Contest was being held in the year of 1989. Five teams came from Portugal, China, Japan and Taiwan participated in the 1989 event. After years of efforts, the number of teams that come to join the contest increased from five to ten (since 1995), an accumulated number of fifty teams had been here in the Territory for the Display Contest for the last ten contests.

Today, the event has become a popular entertainment both for the local residents as well as tourists. This year, there will be ten teams coming from Europe, Asian and other North American Countries to join the event.

Audience can enjoy the fireworks in three separate weekends, plus one night scheduled at the National Day of the People's Republic of China and the other night at the Republic Day of Portugal. There will be two teams displaying their products each weekend and each team will have eighteen minutes to do the display:

11/09/99 (Saturday)

21:00 - The Philippines

22:00 - Taiwan

*There will be a display lazer water jet at the Nam Van Lake at

18/09/99 (Saturday)

21:00 - Australia

22:00 - Germany

20/09/99 (Saturday)

21:00 Thailand

22:00 England

01/10/99 (Friday - National Day
of the People's Republic of China

21:00 China

22:00 Switzerland

5/10/99 (Tuesday - Republic Day
of Portugal

21:00 Portugal

22:00 Japan

*The above information is correct at the time of publishing.

There were already over 20,000 products displayed in the last ten
contests. Prizes for this year's winning teams are as follows:

1st - US$6,000 + Trophy + Certificate

2nd - US$3,200 + Trophy + Certificate

3rd - US$1,800 + Trophy + Certificate