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2006 -08 -11 [Back]
Thai TV captures Macau's travel spirit

Thai TV-anchor shows what to do in Macau
Coming September, Macau will be showcased to the Thai audiences through the most popular television travel program, "The Spirit of Adventure", currently being produced in the city.

The "star" of the program decided to take advantage of the increasing number of flights between Bangkok and Macau to show the city to Thai audiences.

"In the program, I will take the spectators in a discovery of Macau, showing that there's not only casinos in the city. It is a easy destination to visit, only a few hours flight and much cheaper then others", says Jongkolnee Satiraassavanant.

The half-hour program aired every Sunday at the Thai television Channel-5 has an audience of around one million people. The program has also the peculiarity of trying to show new destinations and help to create new travel tendencies in Thailand.

"We try to show a great variety of destinations", points the TV-anchor, who has been travel the five continents and which South Africa its her next destination.

Also in Macau, during this week, was another group from Thailand, this time leaded by a photographer with the mission to capture images of the city for an exhibition in Bangkok, aiming to show the cultural face of Macau to the Thai people.

"I love to travel and when I do that I always try to stay in the old areas of the places I visit, and in Macau there's a lot of old sites, with the advantage that here everything is close by", tells the photographer Nat Prakobsantisuk

Four daily flights leave Bangkok to Macau, operated by Air Macau and Air Asia, which have contributed for the current double digit growth of the number of Thai tourists visiting Macau.

The visit of the two Thai groups have the support of Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO), that has an representative office in Bangkok. Every year, MGTO supports familiarization visits from opinion makers, as a way to promote Macau to the world. Close to five thousand people were invited to fam tours in Macau last year.