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2006 -09 -08 [Back]
The best pyrotechnic art from South Korea and Thailand in Macau's skies

South Korea team working on the barge were the fireworks will be shooted

Thailand team prepares the fireworks on the barge
For the second evening of Wynn Macau - 18th Macau International Fireworks Display Contest spectators will be able to watch in the city's skies the exhibitions of South Korea and Thailand, by the best pyrotechnic companies from these own countries.

Hanwha Corporation, from South Korea, will open Saturday's pyrotechnic show at 9 p.m.

Joining the contest for the sixth time, Hanwha was the organizer of almost all the pyrotechnic shows for the biggest international events hosted by South Korea in the past few years, including the opening of the World Cup Korea - Japan 2002 and the Seoul Olympic Games 1988.

To carry out the approximately twenty-minute pyromusical show, Hanwha is one of the participating teams in the contest using a fully automatic launching system.

"When it is time to start the show, we only have to press the 'enter' button of our laptop computer to activate the fireworks and the music", says Byeong-Heui Choi, manager of the Fireworks Department of Hanwha group, one of South Korea's biggest top ten conglomerates, manufacturer of products varying from fireworks to missiles.

10 p.m will be show time for Pacific Pyro, a company founded by an overseas Chinese family living in Thailand for several generations.

To be present in Macau's contest, the Pacific Pyro interrupted its busy working schedule in Thailand, where the company is the most sought fireworks shows organizer for major national parties, from royal anniversaries to big festival at the main Thai beaches, from Pattaya to Phuket. Pacific Pyro has even sometimes to reject invitations for lack of workers, but not attending Macau's major tourism attraction was out of question.

"We love the Macau contest. We have even spoken a few times with the Tourism Authority of Thailand to try to convince them to create a budget to subsidize an event like this in Thailand", says Sinthu Iempoolsub, operations director and son of the founder of Pacific Pyro, a company that together with another from the same group, the SINSON Chemical, is participating in Macau's contest for the fourth time.