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2006 -09 -17 [Back]
16 million people in America will have a taste of "Macanese Cuisine" next year

Representatives from MGTO, IFT and “P.F Chang’s” after visiting IFT
In recent years, fusion cuisine has become a trend in every corner of the world. But do you ever notice that our Chinese and Portuguese culture in Macau have already been naturally blended into our long existed "Macanese Cuisine"?

Opened up over 200 Chinese restaurants in some 30 States in America, the large-scale American chained Chinese restaurant "P.F. Chang's China Bistro" took the opportunity and started carrying out their research on "Macanese Cuisine" in Macau. They planned to bring along a group of chefs early next year to learn the dishes and to eventually serve the Macanese dishes in 150 chained restaurants for a six months' promotion starting September 2007. By the time, 16 million people will be able to taste "Macanese Cuisine" in America.

Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) welcomed a group of 5 executives from the "P.F Chang's". For the past few days, MGTO staffs accompanied the group and introduced the origin of different types of cuisines and wine in details. They visited Macanese, Portuguese and Chinese restaurants, IFT (Institute for Tourism Studies), local wet markets for research and also looked for "Macanese Cookbooks".

Director of Culinary Operation, Roberto de Angelis urges Macau people to protect and expand the unique delicacy. "Architecture will disappear one day, but food culture is forever. That's why you people should really keep it on."

Corporate Executive Chef, Bob Tam left Hong Kong when he was very young. To him, the impression of Hong Kong's food culture would be Hong Kong style café and a series of creative cuisines. "70% of our menu composed of Cantonese dishes. However, there are still lots of different cuisines to be explored in China, and we want to bring them one by one into America. At the same time, to make Chinese food culture more popularized."

Sometime ago, he raised the idea of promoting "Macanese Cuisine". "Since there are too much in the Hong Kong style cuisine and it would be difficult to include them all in our menu. However, "Macanese Cuisine" is unique and more focused, and that's what we want."

Regional Vice President, Glen Beasley praised the attitudes of Macau people. He shared his experience to us that when he was ordering a cocktail in a bar, the bar tender did not get what he wants and Glen showed him everything. Afterwards, the manager came to him and expressed his gratitude. "This will never happen in America. And I found that people here use humble approach to serve." he said.

Beverage Manager, Mary Melton was thrilled after visiting a Portuguese wine supplier. "Most of our guests would order wine when they dine in our restaurants. We will choose the best from Macau to bring home, and we hope our guests would be able to taste the various type of fine wine from Portugal."