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2006 -09 -21 [Back]
Fireworks evening with USA trademark and Japanese detail

Takagi grandfather prepares Saturday display

USA team on the barge doing the last preparations
The forth night of displays of Wynn Macau - 18th Macau International Fireworks Display Contest promises to be a very good representation of the Japanese and North American pyrotechnic styles.

Pyro Spectaculars by Souza, known as the "United States' pyrotechnic ambassadors", will offer to the public at 9 p.m. a true journey across the USA.

"The theme of our exhibition is Taste of America. We are bringing to Macau a style of fireworks representative of what America is: a mix of cultures. Regarding the music, it will be a journey through the different regions of the United States", says Paul Souza, leader of the team, which is the second team from the USA participating in Macau's contest in its eighteen years of history.

Paul Souza belongs to the fifth generation of a family of Portuguese emigrants who took its pyrotechnic art to the US more than 100 years ago. The curriculum of the company is impressive and diverse: Olympic ceremonies, including Athens and Atlanta Games; major sporting events in the US, like the Super Bowl (American Football League Final); collaborations with Hollywood movies, like Matrix; opening of theme parks like Disneyland. But Souza's trademark in the US is the spectacular exhibitions for the USA National Day, 4th of July.

The Japanese Takagi Fireworks, who will present its art in Macau at 10 p.m., is also a family company. For the second time in Macau, after a participation in 2001 (2nd place), the Japanese team comes prepared to enchant the local public and fight to be the sixth team from Japan to win the Macau competition.

"In Japan we don't have any very big world fireworks producing companies, but we are well known for giving much attention to the detail on our exhibitions", points out Masayuki Takagi, president of the company founded by his grandfather.

The Japanese team stands out from its rivals in the Macau competition in terms of the equipment used to launch the fireworks - more sophisticated, enabling a stronger exhibition. On the other hand, they are the first team in this year's contest to use fireworks launched on the surface of the water. Another interesting aspect about the team representing Japan in Macau is the fact that, besides including three Takagi generations (grandfather, father and son), it also consists of one Chinese technician and a translator from Guangxi, a province where the company has a joint venture to manufacture fireworks.