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2004 -12 -27 [Back]
Thai Government adopts emergency measures to assist tourists

The Thai Government, Ministry of Tourism and Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) jointly announced today the following emergency measures to urgently assist tourists:

1. The government will provide "Help Counter" at 3 airports in Southern Thailand including Krabi, Ranong and Phuket and members of Association of Thai Travel Agents (ATTA) can inform these Help Counters to transfer tourists from these 3 airports to Bangkok Airport at no cost. The contact numbers are as follows: Call Center 1155, Krabi Airport 0-1825-5815 Mr. Sa-ad; Phuket Airport 0-6947-6129 Ms. Nantasiri; Phuket Airport 0-9177-0862 Ms. Kanokporn.

2. A 'Help Counter' will also be established at Bangkok Airport, located at VIP Room 3 on the 2nd floor, Domestic Terminal, with contact number at 0-2535-7670-3, or hotline 1672 press 0 (Crisis Management Counter).

Staffs of TAT, ATTA and Tourist Police will assist and provide transfer from Bangkok Airport to hotels in Bangkok or other places. The Thai Government has provided 200 rooms at Thammasart University, Rangsit.

3. Tourists who have booked tours or packages through ATTA members will be handled by ATTA, which individual tourists will be handled by 'Help Counter'.

4. The Thai Government will help with the cost of air tickets, hotel accommodation, meals and medical services through ATTA.

5. ATTA's Call Center at Bangkok Airport
Mr. Surapong 0-2504-3866, 0-1811-5521
Mr. Thawatchai 0-2504-3866, 0-6375-2292
Mr. Panuwat 0-2504-3866, 0-6549-6419

6. ATTA's Call Center at Bangkok downtown office
Mr. Somwong 0-2632-7892, 0-1611-2528
Mr. Thanit 0-2632-7003, 0-1801-1257
Ms. Sirinporn 0-2237-6046-8, 0-9388-1320
e-mail: info@atta.or.th Fax: 0-2237-6045
(source: Association of Thai Travel Agents (ATTA))

AirAsia has also announced that their passengers, who are affected by the tidal waves incidents, can call: Bangkok: (66)2-515-9999, Phuket: (66)76-351-428 for inquiries of the ticket arrangement.

(source: Representation office of MGTO in Thailand)