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2004 -12 -30 [Back]
MGTO continues to provide assistance to the Macau residents affected by the Tsunamis (Translation)

After the strike of tsunamis unleashed by earthquake near the Indonesian island of Sumatra, the Macau Government Tourist Office Headquarter has received today (Dec. 30) till 5pm a total of 9 calls to (853) 315566, including 3 cases of inquiry, 2 requests for assistance and 4 calls from citizens providing relevant information.

As at 5pm today, Macau Government Tourist Office Headquarter has received a total of 60 calls --- 21 inquiries, 24 requests for assistance and 15 calls from citizens providing relevant information. The requests include seeking for assistance to search for missing relatives or friends in the affected areas and transportation arrangement. MGTO has taken prompt follow-up actions concerning the cases.

The government staff and volunteers in Bangkok and Phuket continue to provide possible assistance to the 34 Macau residents affected by the incidents including search for the unaccounted for. Among the 34 Macau residents, some have already returned to Macau with the help and arrangements of MGTO staff and other entities.

For the 10 some people who are not in contact with the travel agencies, MGTO learnt today that only 5 are unaccounted for and it is not confirmed that whether these 5 people are in the affected area.

As the hygiene condition of the affected area is getting worse, a Macau doctor offers to join in the volunteer team formed by the Macau residents in Phuket to provide medical advises and support to the team and assist in finding the missing. The two MGTO staff who will take the shift would bring with them the necessities to Thailand to help the needs.

MGTO has also uploaded the relevant information of the unaccounted for to the hospitals in Bangkok and more websites to expand the searching scope.

MGTO will continue to closely monitor the incident.