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2000 -08 -07 [Back]
First Macau Food Festival (Translation)

"First Macau Food Festival" had its grand opening 29 July.. Over 150 participating restaurants joined the special offer plan in giving discount to the public throughout the whole period.

During the food festival, 125 shops of different kind will take turn to set up stalls at the Largo do Senado Square at five weekends for promoting international cuisine.

Macau Special Administrative Region's Chief Executive, Edmund Ho, Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, Chui Sai-on; Acting Director of Macau Government Tourist Office, Helena Fernandes; The President of the Provisional Municipal Council of Macau, Jose Luis de Sales Marque; Head of Coordination Department of the Central Government Liaison Office in MSAR, Huang Yao Jung; Chairman of The First Macau Food Festival Preparatory Committee, Andrew Chan had chaired the ribbon cutting ceremony.

The food festival was a great success that attracted many visitors from the mainland, Hong Kong and foreign countries.

Some stalls showedprocedures of making food while others simple sold their food. Aside from exotic cuisine, there will be special performances such as Portugal folk dance, Chinese opera and band.

At the square, live performances and variety shows will be held at the stage by well known Hong Kong and Macau movie and television artists and singers.

The participating restaurants will give complimentary food and drinks all through the Festival.

Macau has been a mix of occidental and oriental culture for centuries that allows the unique gastronomic culture to be enriched and developed.

You can feast on the very best of Western, Chinese, South East Asian, Japanese and the sole Macanese cuisine in the food festival. We believe First Macau Food Festival will continue attracting tourists in coming weeks.