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2001 -08 -19 [Back]
The A-Ma Cultural & Tourism Festival Organizing Committee headed to Fuzhou for introduction and promotion (Translation)

The A-Ma Cultural & Tourism Festival Organizing Committee is launching a series of promotional activities in various regions, including Fujian, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Dr. Chui Sai On led a delegation comprised key members of the Organizing Committee to Fuzhou to introduce the A-Ma Cultural & Tourism Festival to be held by the end of October.

Honorary President of the A-Ma Cultural & Tourism Festival Organizing Committee, Dr Chui Sai On, President of the Committee and Director of MGTO, Engineer João Manuel Costa Antunes, Vice-Presidents of the Committee, President and Vice-President of Goddess A-Ma Foundation of Macau Mr. Ngan Yin Ling and Mr. Chan Ming Kam flied to Fuzhou on August 19 for the promotion of this major event in Macau’s festival calendar.

Dr Chui Sai On was to represent the Macau SAR Government to invite the Fujian Provincial Governor to attend the Festival. Dr Chui, attended the banquet by Fujian Provincial Government on the August 20th, hosted a luncheon for the Provincial Government on the following day.

President of the Organizing Committee João Manual Costa Antunes earnestly invited the concerning units, groups and A-Ma believers in Fujian to come to Macau to participate in the A-Ma Cultural & Tourism Festival. At the same time, he thanked for the dedication and assistance of the Fujian Provincial Government.

Dr Chui stayed in Fujian for two days and the rest of Organizing Committee members continued to promote in Putian and Quanzhou of Fujian province.

Prior to this trip, some of the A-Ma Cultural & Tourism Festival Organizing Committee members also visited Taipei, Taichung and Tainan to introduce to Taiwan residents the abundant activities of the Festival. Later on, members will continue their promotion in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

The A-Ma Cultural & Tourism Festival, co-hosted by Macau Government Tourist Office, Cultural Institute of the Macau SAR Government and Goddess A-Ma Foundation of Macau, will be held on October 24 to 26 in Macau.
The magnificent A-Ma Cultural & Tourism Festival will include the following activities:

October 24th
Cultural Performances in various areas in Macau

October 25th
Opening Ceremony of the A-Ma Cultural Village at the Alto de Coloane, Ritual Ceremony and Tripod Placing Ceremony. Scholars from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau will participate in the Seminar in the afternoon to discuss the A-Ma culture development. Parade of the A-Ma Statue will be held at night.

October 26th
Continuation of the Seminar and Cultural Performances at night.