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2005 -10 -23 [Back]
"A World of Difference, the Difference is Macau" Roadshow in Hong Kong

The roadshow held at “apm” concourse attracts a substantial number of satisfying audienc
Organized by Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) and co-organized by Hong Kong Commercial Radio, "A World of Difference, the Difference is Macau" roadshow was held at "apm" concourse today, attracting a substantial number of satisfying audiences.

Engineer João Manuel Costa Antunes, Director of MGTO and Coordinator of Macau Grand Prix Committee (MGPC), Ms. Helena Fernandes, Deputy Director of MGTO, Ms. Davina Chu, Deputy Coordinator of MGPC, and Mr. Charles Lo Keng Chio, Coordinator of Marketing and Advertising Subcommittee of MGPC, officiated the event. Representatives from MGTO, MGPC and Macau travel trade also attended the event.

Autumn and winter in Macau have always been two exciting seasons with an array of amusing events - Macau 2005 4th East Asian Games, 52nd Macau Grand Prix, 17th International Fireworks Display Contest and etc. Moreover, "the Historic Centre of Macao", which has been inscribed on UNESCO's prestigious World Heritage List earlier this year, will become a new focus for tourist attraction. MGTO took the opportunity to promote all these attractive tourist elements to Hong Kong people through this roadshow.

In order to show to the audience "the Historic Centre of Macao", a travel route with all the major spots displayed was set up in the venue. Besides, there was an exhibition of a touring car which has participated in the Guia Race of the 51st Macau Grand Prix, and a game booth of GT4 Prologue racing game to create a festive atmosphere of Macau Grand Prix. Information of other Macau events could also be found from other booths and panel displays.

The organizer has also arranged an on-stage performance featuring pop singers Denise Ho, Stephy Tang, Niki Chow, Yan Ng and EO2. They sang songs and played games with the audience. In addition, rider, Mr Lo Ka Kit, was also invited on stage to share his on-track experience with the audience. The show entertained over 100,000 audiences during the day.

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