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2001 -07 -03 [Back]
“Macau Welcomes You” Tourism Promotional Program (Translation)

To help spread the message of ‘know Macau tourism’ through the Macau community, to extend the length of stay of the tourists and to improve the quality of tourism products in Macau, a large scale tourism promotional program, “Macau Welcomes You” will be launched in August and September. The whole community and visitors to Macau will be invited to participate in the program.

The “Macau Welcomes You” program has 3 major projects, the Tourism Awareness Campaign, Promotional Campaign and Product Development Scheme. The Tourism Awareness Campaign will be the highlight of the program, through which all sectors of the community will learn more about Macau tourism and play their role as “Tourism Ambassador” to promote Macau worldwide.

The Tourism Awareness Campaign targets at the local residents and hopes to receive full support and participation from all sectors of the community, including private enterprises and groups, educational organizations, government and the public.

The activities planned for the tourism promotional program consist of Advertising Slogan for Tourism, Courtesy Campaign, local trip, seminars, workshops, cultural exchange, quiz on tourism, press and media, on-line promotion, festivals and events with distinctive features etc.

To prolong the stay of visitors and stimulate their spending in Macau are the objectives of Macau SAR in tourism. To facilitate this, the “Macau Welcomes You” program also contains marketing strategies. Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) will cooperate with the local hotels to provide discount package for the tourists who stay over night. In addition, MGTO will cooperate with travel agents to design quality city tours. All these, together with the shopping and dinning privilege, will attract the Macau visitors to stay longer.

Another activity that is under the “Macau Welcomes You” program is the well known “Macau Welcomes You Passport” campaign. During June to December last year, the passport campaign was largely welcome by the Macau tourists, and there were a total of 200 thousand passports being distributed. In view of the good response, MGTO has decided to enroll the Macau Welcomes You Passport Campaign again on August and September this year. The preliminary design and frame of the passport is still under way, but the monthly and year-end lucky draw will be retained.

The abundant and multi-faceted tourism products and quality services are the main factors to attract tourists. Therefore, the “Macau Welcomes You” program also comprises of the mentioned components. At present, we plan to open up an exhibit area to showcase the Macau tourism information for tourists at the Macau International Airport.

On the other hand, in order to strengthen the tourism services, MGTO is about to set up a 24 hours hotline, the multi-language hotline service will be available from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. In this case, tourists will be able to obtain practical and detailed tourism information. Voice mail service will be on for the rest of the hours.

Aside from these, MGTO will help to reinforce training for tourism industry personnel, that includes training to achieve higher linguistic abilities, training especially for staffs in the hotel industry, training for tour guides to enrich the knowledge of history and culture of Macau. This will elevate the quality service for the entire tourism industry.

A series of tourism promotional activities of the “Macau Welcomes You” program will increase the awareness of the Macau residents towards tourism industry and its importance, arouse the whole community’s interest in participating in learning and promoting more about Macau tourism in their daily life.