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2004 -04 -21 [Back]
The 53rd PATA Annual Conference (Translation)

Headed by the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Chui Sai On, a delegation went to Jeju Korea to attend the 53rd PATA Annual Conference. Delegates included Chief of Office for the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Alexis Tam and other officials of Secretary's Office, Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) Director João Manuel Costa Antunes, Head of Research and Planning Department Silvia Sitou, Head of Product Development and Special Projects Department Licenio da Cunha and MGTO staff, Secretary for the Commission for Tourism Development Nadia Leong, members of the Commission for Tourism Development, members of the Macau Grand Prix Committee and performers.

The 53rd PATA Annual Conference, under the theme "Tourism is Everybody's Business", is held in Jeju Island from April 18 to 22. The opening ceremony kicked off on April 19.

Being the host of the 2005 PATA Annual Conference, Macau sent a strong delegation to Jeju for the prestigious event to learn from the Korean hosts' experience for organizing a remarkable conference next year. At the same time, the Macau delegation also took the opportunity to promote Macau as well as to extend invitation to the delegates there to join the Annual Conference in Macau next year.

Through the support of the PATA Board of Directors and China National Tourism Administration, MGTO has successfully secured the right to host the 2005 PATA Annual Conference. The prestigious event, is expected to be attended by 1,200 to 1,500 delegates. It will take place on April 17 to 21, 2005. Plans and preparations for the PATA Annual Conference next year are well underway.

The Host Committee for the 2005 PATA Annual Conference, responsible for the overall preparation of the event , is chaired by Macau SAR government Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Dr. Chui Sai On. It comprises the Advisory Committee, the Organizing Committee, headed by MGTO Director João Manuel Costa Antunes, and the Secretariat.

The Organizing Committee had its first meeting and is working in full-swing to ensure the smooth operation of the entire Annual Conference next year.

The 2005 PATA Annual Conference Program Committee, which is responsible for the establishment of the conference program, has already held the first meeting last month on initial arrangement for conference speakers, registration and promotion of attendance.

PATA, founded in 1951, is dedicated to promote the tourism industry in the Pacific Asian region. The mission of PATA is to enhance the growth, value and quality of Pacific Asia travel and tourism for the benefit of the membership of PATA.

PATA's membership boasts about 100 government, state and city tourism bodies, more than 55 airlines and cruise lines, and hundreds of travel industry companies. In addition, thousands of travel industry professionals belong to over 70 PATA Chapters worldwide.

MGTO has been a member of PATA since 1966 and the PATA Macau Chapter was set up in 1983. Having sponsored the PATA Gold Awards and Luncheon since 1996, MGTO will once again sponsor the PATA Gold Awards and Luncheon this year.

As the host of the 2005 PATA Annual Conference, Macau staged a show and presentation at the closing ceremony of 53rd PATA Annual Conference. Among the activities drawn up by MGTO, stands specially designed to showcase Macau Grand Prix, Wine, Museum of Macau, Chinese and Portuguese heritage are mounted at the conference venue.

The stand of Macau Grand Prix displayed a Formula 3 machine and a Grand Prix motorcycle while the wine stand presented the wine production process and wine tasting. Photos and exhibits representing the history of Macau are shown at the stand of Museum of Macau. The stands of Chinese and Portuguese heritage were designed not just to resemble the Chinese and Portuguese architecture, but also the unique culture with live Chinese music performance and Portuguese music at the stands.

In addition, MGTO specially produced a multi-media show integrating short film and drama. The show, "Macau Triology", outlined the magnificent sceneries and the unique blend of Chinese and Portuguese cultures and romantic ambience in Macau through a love story between a Chinese girl and a Portuguese young man. The short film element showcased the Chinese and Portuguese architectures and romantic cultural atmosphere in Macau.

Leading Actor and actresses, Casmiro Pinto, Gigi Chiu and Jasmine Lo Ribeiro (childhood of female actress) are all non-professional actors. With professional advices from the film and stage directors, the actor and actresses gave their best effort and the whole performance was very well received.

The story talks about the Chinese girl who treats her doll, Maria as a good friend since her childhood. And she met her true love, a Macanese who loves to sing and they got married in the end.

The interactive performance of the short film and drama on stage plunged the audience into the beautiful sceneries and characteristic historical architectures in Macau. Through different characters of the story, the evolution of Macau's history was introduced to the audience. The soundtrack of the short film is also selected with great care.

The drama element mainly projects the mixed cultural characteristics of China and Portugal. The live performances of Chinese orchestra, dragon dance and Portuguese folk dance, as well as the leading characters dressed up with their traditional wedding gowns fully reveal the fusion of both cultures.