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2005 -01 -03 [Back]
MGTO reports the assistance to the Macau residents affected by the Tsunamis (Translation)

After the strike of tsunamis unleashed by earthquake near the Indonesian island of Sumatra, the Macau Government Tourist Office Headquarter, from last Friday (Dec. 31) noon till today (Jan. 3) 5:30 pm has received a total of 4 calls to (853) 315566, including 2 cases of inquiry, 1 request for assistance and 1 call from citizens providing relevant information.

As at 5:30 pm today, MGTO Headquarter has received a total of 69 calls --- 23 inquiries, 27 requests for assistance and 19 calls from citizens providing relevant information. At present, MGTO endeavors to assist in the search for missing Macau residents in the affected areas, provide transportation and accommodation arrangements for the affected residents etc.

MGTO is following up the cases and has learnt that the travel agency has not yet been able to make contact with one Macau resident. MGTO will therefore continue to keep close contact with airlines and the concerned travel agency, to search for the resident. The 5 Macau residents who are unaccounted for according to the Consulate General of Portugal in Macau are still missing.

In support of the searching task in the affected area, MGTO has already sent over some of the DNA detection reports of immediate family members of the missing Macau residents to Thailand. The Scientific Laboratory of the Judicial Police in Macau will continue to effectively provide DNA detection reports to be sent to Thailand to help the local staff for identification. Identification Department and Health Bureau of the Macau SAR Government are now gathering all sorts of document of the missing, and together with the information provided by families and friends, to be sent over to Thailand to facilitate the search by the government staff and volunteers at hospitals in Bangkok and Phuket to locate the Macau residents who are missing.

The volunteer Macau doctor has arrived in Phuket on the evening of January 1 and joined in the volunteer team formed by the Macau residents immediately to provide medical advises and support to the team and assist in finding the missing at the hospitals in Phuket and Bangkok.

In view of the severe conditions of the strike of tsunamis, Macau SAR Government has sent medical relief to aid the affected areas, particularly Khao Lak, which was heavily devastated by the tsunamis. The volunteer Macau doctor also helped to pass the medical relief to hospital in Khao Lak today and will continue to provide assistance needed by the local medical teams. Air Macau also provides relevant supports by transferring the medical relief and DNA detection reports to the affected areas and assists in transportation for the affected Macau residents when necessary. The Airport Management Company of Macau, Immigration Services and MGTO also provide special immigration arrangements and other support for the needs.

MGTO will continue to closely monitor the incident.