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2020 -03 -28 [Back]
12th designated hotel as venue of medical observation comes into service

The Macao Special Administrative Region Government temporarily utilizes the “Special isolated area at Sheraton Grand Macao” as the 12th designated hotel venue for quarantine and medical observation starting from March 28. The hotel is located at a Poente do Istmo Taipa-Coloane, Cotai. 


Sheraton Grand Macao, Cotai Strip is a mega hotel complex connected to a shopping mall, restaurants as well as other hotels and facilities. In consideration of this, Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) and Health Bureau had delegated representatives and engineering staff to conduct on-site inspections of the hotel’s ventilation system and various conditions before the decision was made to designate the hotel. All passageways which connect the “Special isolated area at Sheraton Grand Macao” to the shopping mall, restaurants, other hotels and facilities are completely blocked. Lodgers can enter the special isolated area through an independent entrance. 


At present, the “Special isolated area at Sheraton Grand Macao” has reserved 2,000 rooms for pertinent use, among which the Government first utilizes 500 rooms for quarantine and medical observation. In accord with the demand, subsequent adjustment may be made eventually. 


In the process of choosing designated hotels for medical observation, it requires the SAR Government to take a diverse range of factors and conditions into careful consideration, as well as to gain the consent of the designated hotels.


By far, the SAR Government has temporarily utilized 12 hotels as the venues of medical observation, including Pousada Marina Infante Hotel, Golden Crown China Hotel, Regency Art Hotel, Grand Coloane Resort, Metropole Hotel, Treasure Hotel, San Tung Fong Commercial Inn South Wing, Grand Lapa, Grand Harbour Hotel, Royal Dragon Hotel, Jai Alai Hotel and “Special isolated area at Sheraton Grand Macao”. These designated hotels are committed to social responsibility, providing support and coordination with the SAR Government for implementation of the measure of medical observation.

Updated on: 28/03/2020