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2020 -06 -07 [Back]
“Special isolated area at Sheraton Grand Macao” is again utilized as designated hotel for medical observation

Because of the decrease in the number of individuals required for medical observation, the number of designated hotels for medical observation has dropped from 12 to one. However, given the gradual rise in the number of people required to undergo quarantine recently, the rooms supplied by the current designated hotel are now fully occupied. Therefore, starting from 7 June, the Macao Special Administrative Region Government once again utilizes the “Special isolated area at Sheraton Grand Macao” as another designated hotel venue for quarantine and medical observation. The hotel is located at Poente do Istmo Taipa-Coloane, Cotai. 


Health Bureau has sent staff to the “Special isolated area at Sheraton Grand Macao” to guide related preparations which the hotel coordinated in accord. All passageways which connect the “Special isolated area at Sheraton Grand Macao” to the shopping mall, restaurants, other hotels and facilities have been completely blocked earlier, and will remain so. Lodgers can enter the special isolated area through an independent entrance. 


The “Special isolated area at Sheraton Grand Macao” is once again utilized for medical observation. Including Pousada Marina Infante Hotel, two local hotels are currently used as the venues of medical observation in Macao, continuing to provide support and coordinate with the SAR Government for implementation of the measure of medical observation.

Updated on: 07/06/2020