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2021 -11 -25 [Back]
MGTO effectively implemented policy measures of the SAR Government
Deepening “tourism +” integration and raising Macao’s profile as a safe and quality destination

Throughout the Fiscal Year 2021 for public administration, Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) braved the new prospect and challenges with its unswerving commitment to the Macao Special Administrative Region Government’s overall direction of policy implementation, and effectively carried out the major measures. Over the past year, MGTO not just significantly deepened integration across different sectors of “tourism +” but also raised Macao’s profile as a safe, healthy and quality destination. Its efforts propelled the tourism industry towards recovery and contributed to economic revival as the pandemic situation stabilized.


Deepen cross-sector integration of “tourism +” and expand visitor markets
MGTO is dedicated to deepening integrated development across different sectors of “tourism +” and attracting visitors for a longer stay in Macao. In terms of “tourism + e-commerce”, the Office continued to partner with e-commerce companies in rolling out online promotions for a wider showcase of Macao’s quality tourism products, supporting the trade to reach out to a broader spectrum of potential travellers. In terms of “tourism + sports”, the Macao Grand Prix Museum was officially inaugurated in June to promote and carry on motor sport culture. For “tourism + MICE”, the Office once again organized the Macao International Travel (Industry) Expo in July to steer the tourism and economic development forward.


Continuous measures to bolster the trade and economic recovery   
MGTO joined hands with industry partners in launching the “Stay, Dine and See Macao” project from April to December, offering continuous relief through creating job opportunities for travel industry professionals, spurring rises in domestic demand and spending in communities for revitalization of the tourism and related sectors. MGTO also created opportunities to support tour operators’ launch of the Macao Highlights Tours, tailored for visitors to explore the city for more wonderful travel experience. Visitors can opt for private tours along self-designed itineraries as well.


Online & in-person destination promotions in the Mainland
In strict compliance with the pandemic prevention guidelines, MGTO held an array of mega events in Macao and the Mainland including a series of Macao Weeks in different cities, as part of the marketing initiatives unfolded both online and offline. The Office also kept organizing more spectacular events while supporting community organizations and industry operators to roll out community activities.


Comprehensive enhancement of tourism services and experiences
As a supervisory entity, MGTO regularly carried out inspections upon licensed establishments under its supervision as well as their operations, to safeguard Macao’s image as a healthy, safe and quality destination.


MGTO completed the review study for the Macao Tourism Industry Development Master Plan this year, which included a thorough analysis of Macao’s tourism situation, more profound key issues, as well as an enriched spectrum of phased and long-term action plans.  


As a member city of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN), Macao formulated the first monitoring report as a Creative City of Gastronomy according to pertinent guidelines, to present its initiatives conducted in the past four years and its action plan for the future to the Secretariat of UCCN, consolidating Macao’s status as a regional and international travel destination. In addition, MGTO regularly organized specific training programs and activities for members of the travel and related sectors, encouraging industry personnel to enhance their expertise through self-learning online.


In the future, MGTO will forge ahead with implementation of government policy and support the tourism industry to play a leading role as a pillar industry. Endeavors will be made to extend the chain of the tourism and related industries to empower the hotel, catering, retail, cultural and entertainment industries, fostering the city’s transformation into a world centre of tourism and leisure.

Updated on: 25/11/2021