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2021 -04 -30
Macao Grand Prix Museum increases ticket quotas during 1st May Labor Day Holidays

Macao Grand Prix Museum gains wide popularity

The newly-added ticket quotas are available online on a first-come, first-served basis

Attractive interactive games

Attractive interactive games

Public guided service at Macao Grand Prix Museum

Tactile Formula racing car models for barrier-free visits

Since its start of trial operation in late March, the Macao Grand Prix Museum has gained wide popularity. With the steady upward trend of visitor arrivals, Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) continues to carry out promotion through different channels to attract more visitors to Macao for a first-hand experience of this brand-new tourism product and a closer glimpse of the Macau Grand Prix’s history. More Mainland visitors are expected to arrive in Macao during the 1st May Labour Day Holidays. The Macao Grand Prix Museum will hence add new ticket quotas for purchase in advance. Visitors and residents are welcome to buy tickets online for scheduled visits on a first-come, first-served basis.


Museum tickets are largely sold

New ticket quotas for Labour Day Holidays

During the Labour Day Holidays, the Macao Grand Prix Museum in trial operation is open to the public as usual (closed on Tuesdays). Over 1,300 tickets have been sold for visits on 1 – 3 May and 5 May, of which the tickets (over 1,000) for 1 – 3 May have been sold out. With an expected surge in visitor arrivals during the Labour Day Holidays, the Museum will provide an addition of about 300 tickets during the period so that more residents and visitors can enjoy the Museum experience.


To test the Museum’s capacity in accord with the pandemic prevention guidelines, the Macao Grand Prix Museum has been progressively increasing its ticket quotas for scheduled visits. Up to present, the accumulative total of visitors has exceeded 2,800, while close to 5,384 persons have scheduled visits in May.


After remodeling, the Museum in trial operation has been opened for inspection visits of individuals invited from the tourism and related sectors as well as to the public, to collect feedback for refinement of the Museum’s environment and service quality, in preparation of its official launch.


For latest information about the Macao Grand Prix Museum in trial operation, please visit the Museum’s official website:

Updated on: 30/04/2021