Macao Government Tourism Office

 Press Release
2005 -01 -06
MGTO received no new call for assistance today (Translation)

In regard to the strike of tsunamis unleashed by earthquake near the Indonesian island of Sumatra, the Macau Government Tourist Office Headquarter received no new call for assistance yesterday (Jan. 5).

In response to the appeal of the Thai authorities, the last relative of the Macau residents who are missing has left Phuket for Macau yesterday (Jan. 5), and currently there is no relative of the missing Macau residents in Phuket.

The two volunteers stay in Phuket will leave for Bangkok today (Jan. 6) but the volunteer doctor still stays in Phuket to assist in the work of identification with DNA samples.

The injured Portuguese who lives in Macau is receiving medical treatment in the hospital of Bangkok, while his two sons have been discharged from the hospital.

The MGTO staff sent to Thailand continues to provide possible assistance to the Macau residents affected by the tsunami incident. Some of the Macau residents who have lost their travel documents have returned to Macau yesterday with the assistance of MGTO.

MGTO will continue to closely monitor the incident.