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Response to Public Opinion

Date Abstract
2018-03-05 Tracking and monitoring Macao’s tourism carrying capacity

With regard to public opinion about the difficulty to track and monitor the city’s tourism carrying capacity, our Office would like to reply as follows:

Tourism carrying capacity is a dynamic concept. It is a variable that changes with the rise and fall in visitor arrivals, difference in travelers’ behavior as well as the supply and demand of tourism infrastructure, facilities and products. The tourism carrying capacity of a destination also varies on usual days versus festive holidays, and demonstrates variation across different local districts. The authorities would adopt corresponding strategies for destination marketing, management and diversion of visitor flow based on actual situations. In summary, the city smoothly accommodates visitors overall on usual days while a safe and stable environment is maintained during festive holidays.

In the Macao Tourism Industry Development Master Plan (“Master Plan”) released in 2017, MGTO raises the concern about the trend of Macao’s tourism carrying capacity and suggests continuously monitoring and tracking ratings on social conditions, particularly including level of crowdedness at tourist attractions, availability of taxi service, service quality and other traffic situations. In addition, the Master Plan also proposes setting up key performance indicators for transportation system, low-value and day tourism, progress of completion for border point facilities as well as human resources in the tourism industry to monitor the carrying capacity of the tourism industry.

The tourism office will continue to draw reference from different studies on tourism carrying capacity. Targeting the overall tourism carrying capacity of the city, as well as its carrying capacity during festive holidays, the Office will strengthen its collaboration with other departments concerned to jointly tackle the tasks of optimizing the tourism environment and supporting facilities, diverting the flow of visitors at ports of entry and tourist attractions, circulating information as well as easing traffic flow.

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Updated on: 17/04/2018